Construction Engineering.

Construction Engineering.

At engineering and construction stage, we know success lies on the expertise you bring together for the delivery and management of the work phase of your project, and that itmay be challenging at times to find the right skills required.

That’s why we provide you with a multidisciplinary range of expertise in construction supervision and engineering for your projects. Our experienced specialists join your local project teams to support you from an operational point of view and with managerial and supervisory responsibilities, in order to deliver your project on-time and within budget.

The skills brought by our experts.

From planning, engineering design, procurement to construction, our experts address mechanical (general, rotating, structural) or electrical and instrumentation completion, and ensure technical support during the various phases of your project.
Vectrance has a strong international network of experts who are result-oriented, problem-solver, culturally sensitive, and demonstrate the flexibility and autonomy required for theerection, installation and future smooth operation of your project. You can trust them to bring you strong leadership, analytical and negotiation skills, as well as a real sense ofresponsibility and cost awareness.

For each project we define the best organization in accordance with the project size and theproject strategy.


VecTrance provides international experts on a wide range of complex and innovative projects. Some of our references include: Wood Group, Enel, Suez, GE, EDF, Shell, BP Angola, Total, Acergy, Repsol, GDF, Atlantic LNG, Sakhalin Energy, Lafarge-Holcim, Engie, Petropars.

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