Scope of practices and knowhow.

Harnessing the value of grid-edge technologies

Scope of VecTance practices : engineers and economists

Our PMC engineers have got a long track of record on energy, environmental projects, from feasibility,planning to construction execution ;

Our economists are international consultants who deal with aspects of the development process in low-income countries. Its focus is not only on methods of promoting economic developmenteconomic growth and structural change but also on improving the potential for the mass of the population, for example, through health, education and workplace conditions, whether through public or private channels.

Development economics involve the creation of theories and methods that help in the determination of policies and practices and can be implemented at either the domestic or international level. This may involve restructuring market incentives or using mathematical methods such as inter-temporal optimization for project analysis, or it may involve a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods.

Unlike in many otherfields of economics, approaches in development economics may incorporate social and political factors to devise particular plans. Also like many otherfields of economics, it is addressing market research, strategic planning on infractructure program implementation.

Energy/Utilities & Renewables

VecTrance’s energy consultants help utility companies around the globe navigate today’s challenges including: the changing generation mix and efforts to decarbonize, securing fuel and energy supply at reasonable costs and optimizing operational efficiency and customer service. We work with utilities to turn these challenges into opportunities to develop their full potential, invest wisely and become more valuable

Electrification, decentralization and digitalization are creating a smarter electric system with new opportunities for energy companies.

How Utilities Can Make the Most of Distributed Energy Resources

  • Integrated planning allows utilities to manage the influx of electricity from rooftop solar panels and other new generation sources.

    VecTrance has worked with clients on hundreds of projects in the utilities and renewable energy industries around the globe. Our clients represent a broad cross-section of the sector: power generators, electric and gas utilities, multi-utility conglomerates, renewable energy providers, energy trading companies, gas storage and distribution players, energy service companies, water and waste utilities and diversified global energy leaders.

    Our energy consultants help enhance performance across the industry value chain, providing expertise in generation, trading and storage, transmission, distribution and retail. We also work with clients to strengthen key capabilities, drawing on our experience to optimize the organizationimprove operational performance and to refine corporate and customer strategies.

    Oil/gas, Mining projects = concept/feasibility
    Renewables (solar, wing power) project = concept, feasibility


At the corporate level, our experts collaborate with management to :

  • Develop a corporate investment strategy
  • Evaluate macro and industry trends and their impact on utilities
  • Implement new business models, such as “smart” energy efficiency services or distributed generation
  • Identify the right level of vertical integration
  • Define portfolio and international expansion strategies
  • Increase efficiency of support functions
  • Integrate corporate strategy and corporate finance to manage total shareholder return
  • Instill a high-performance culture and decision-driven organization throughout the business
  • Ensure effective change management via our Results Delivery® approach

At the business-unit level, VecTrance helps clients :

  • Optimize future generation mix and fuel sourcing
  • Cope with decarbonization and other regulatory requirements
  • Improve energy trading and develop storage strategies
  • Increase operating performance in transmission and distribution, such as field force optimization and capital project management
  • Retain and expand their customer bases through loyalty programs, customer segmentation and other measures
  • Deploy assets and IT investments for maximum return
  • Capitalize on technology trends and expand into the right adjacencies

Water, Restoration, and Sustainable Development

  • HSE  Management plan/compliance program
  • Ecological & Biological Surveys
  • Environmental Site Assessment & Remediation,air pollution installations
  • Water treatment and distribution  facilities
  • Fisheries & Wildlife Analysis
  • Geospatial Analysis & Data Management
  • Hydraulic & Hydrologic Modeling
  • Landscape Design
  • Limnology & Aquatic Plant Management
  • Low Impact Development (LID)
  • Marine, Estuarine & Coastal Studies
  • Mine & Land Reclamation
  • Mitigation
  • Permitting & Regulatory Compliance
  • Restoration & Revegetation Design
  • River & Floodplain Management
  • Sediment Investigation & Monitoring
  • Solid Waste Facility Design & Optimization
  • Stormwater Planning & Engineering
  • Sustainability & Resource Planning
  • Technical Training
  • Transportation
  • Urban Ecological Planning & Design
  • Water Quality Monitoring & Analysis
  • Wetlands Monitoring, Delineation & Restoration

Sub-sectors of our Consultancy

  • Engineering

  • Civil Engineering Services
  • Project Report, Feasibility Studies
  • Infrastructure Consultancy Services
  • Human Resource

  • Human Resource Development Services
  • Recruitment Services
  • Business administration

  • Business Development Services
  • Management Related Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Consultancy – Financial