Relationship & follow-up.

Permanent relationship and follow-up

Diversity, Efficiency, Flexibility

Within the framework of the missions, short or long term, or pre-hiring periode, you benefit from all the experience and know-how of VecTrance to carry through successfully your projects.

Why choose our services ?

VecTrance has all the professional skills and know-how in providing consulting services and experts (i.e. engineers) to oil/gas, mining, petrochemical, thermal, nuclear, renewables, infrastructure, cement… companies for their different operation and development projects worldwide. It is specialized in the services and puts experts at the disposal of the various industries in QA/QC inspection, HSE and project management fields in France and abroad. 

A customized Service

  • We define with you the mission to realize once the needs are identified
  •  We select the expert(s) to meet your requirements
  •  We set up and supervise the assignment performance
  •  We daily manage all social, tax and legal constraints
  •  We realize a missio follow-up with both expert(s) and you

The success of our missions
is the success of your projects!

The mission


  • Our professionals – consultants or employees – are skilled and hired by experts.
    You can have at your disposal a skilled, experimented and operational expert/professional on a very short notice.
    In the framework of a recurring need and on request, an expert/professional can lead several continuing missions within the same structure in short or long term.


  • Our professionals and experts can adapt quickly to any given situation and are able to transfer their know-how and technical knowledge. They have team spirit and work as full part of the client team.
    We implement follow-up procedures to be sure that the mission fits your requirements and expectations.


  • This type of service allows you to have a successful and effective expert/professional on an immediate basis.
    We remain at your disposal within the framework of new assignments and contractual relationships to anticipate your needs and help you to create performing solutions.